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Seda has built a range of watercraft since 1969, from down-river white water race boats to simple fishing dinghies. Their current line focus is on high quality, handmade touring craft that display three key characteristics that set them apart on the water. Strength: Their robust build process delivers the strongest boat for your dollar. With triple-layer fiberglass seams or multiple Kevlar reinforcements, Seda boats withstand the punishment of rough seas and coastlines. Join the countless paddlers who have proudly owned a Seda for over 20 years. Speed: Seda designs prioritize speed without sacrificing stability. Their long waterlines, low decks, and smooth hulls with shallow-V bottoms are key to fun paddling adventures, not painful slogs. Spirit: Their boats are designed to be easy to control, and versatile enough for a variety of activities. And don't forget, they are also light enough that the hardest part of the journey isn't putting it on the car.

Seda Ataho


Lightweight, quick, and nimble go hand-in-hand with the Atajo. Flush hatches and recessed fittings accent this basic/intermediate touring model outfitted with plenty of deck bungees and lifelines. With a smooth hull curvature edge to edge, the Atajo responds quickly to lean turns and braces. The Atajo’s hull delivers comfortable control while its narrow width punches easily through wind chop. In conjunction with our Kevlar® layup, the Atajo is an extremely lightweight touring kayak that is a pleasure to load and launch.

Length: 15'  Beam: 22"  Depth: 12"  Capacity: 300 lbs   Fiberglass: 44 lbs 

Seda Swift


If one needs a fast intermediate touring kayak with more initial stability, the Swift delivers. The latest version of this venerable design incorporates flush hatches and fittings while allowing for an optional day-hatch for easy gear access. A popular choice with intermediate paddlers, the Swift is ideal for those ready to step into a longer, faster kayak. It possesses a beautifully flared bow combined with low-profile fore and aft decks that keep windage to a minimum.

Length: 17'  Beam: 4"  Depth: 11"  Capacity: 400 lbs   Fiberglass: 48 lbs

Seda Ikkuma 15

Ikkuma 15

Building on the success of the Ikkuma 17, the Ikkuma 15 delivers the same performance in a format for slightly smaller paddlers in the 125-170 lb range.Similar to its big brother, the Ikkuma 15 design features an aggressive chine and moderate rocker for comfortable handling in chop and currents. The deck includes flush fittings, Kajak Sport rubber hatches, and an adjustable Immersion Research LoungeBand seatback. Traditional toggle handles at either end allow for easy lifting, while generous deck bungees ensure gear and paddles will stay stowed while underway. Constructed with a rod-style skeg deployment system, the Ikkuma 15 delivers positive and strong skeg control through all angles of operation. Additionally, with its high aspect ratio foiled carbon skeg blade, the Ikkuma 15 delivers a unique blend of control, agility, and speed.

Length: 15'  Beam: 22"  Depth: 12"   Capacity: 300 lbs  Fiberglass: 44 lbs

Seda Ikkuma 17

Ikkuma 17

Inspired by the Inuit word for fire, the Ikkuma 17 is a modified Greenland style design that will ignite new energy into your touring adventures! Designed by Stuart Mounsey and James Mole, the Ikkuma 17 carries an aggressive chine and moderate rocker that deliver comfortable handling in chop and currents.The deck includes flush fittings, bow and stern Kajak Sport rubber hatches, Immersion Research LoungeBand seat back, and can be fitted with an optional day for easy access to small gear. Traditional toggle handles at either end allow for easy lifting, while generous deck bungees ensure gear and paddles will stay stowed while underway.

Length: 17"   Beam: 22"   Depth: 12"   Capacity: 350 lbs   Fiberglass: 46 lbs 

Seda Viking


With its larger cockpit space and high volume hull, our Viking Max is the ideal choice for paddlers with larger frames or limited mobility in their knees. The latest iteration of this design incorporates flush hatches, recessed deck fittings, and the option for a day-hatch. Displaying a fuller bow up forward, the Viking gear carrying capacity lends itself well to longer trips. The fish-form hull, designed by four time Olympian Andy Toro, provides a smooth passage through rough waters even while loaded with gear. The Viking is a stout kayak that will make the miles slip effortlessly beneath your keel on that grand adventure.

Length 16'   Beam 25"  Depth 14"  Capacity: 455 lbs  Fiberglass: 48 lbs

Seda Glider


Intermediate and advanced paddlers will enjoy a whole new level of performance paddling in the current version of our legendary kayak. A narrow beam and razor bow are matched to a flush deck with deck scallops allowing maxim stroke efficiency.The design quickly accelerates to speed and planes rapidly without stern squat. Flush fittings and hatches keep wind and spray at bay. Ideal for extended touring adventures or racing, the Glider delivers safety through speed. The convenient day-hatch option allows easy access to gear on the water.

Length: 19'  Beam: 21.5"   Depth: 12.5"  Capacity: 450 lbs  Fiberglass: 49 lbs 

Seda Tango


The Tango is a full-sized tandem kayak popular with guides and outfitters for its speed and cargo carrying capacity. The seats are spaced far enough apart to facilitate asynchronized paddling, and this also allows the addition of a 3rd watertight storage compartment amidships. Designed with a flared bow and continuous V bottom, the Tango provides added stability and reserve buoyancy. With numerous race wins in rough water conditions, the Tango has become a solid choice for adventure racing as well. A large Feathercraft™ K2 tandem rudder is included.

Length: 21'   Beam: 29"  Depth: 3.25"   Capacity: 850 lbs   Fiberglass 85 lbs

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