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Seaward kayaks was started in 1986 and is a small family owned business comprised of approximately 25 staff. Seaward proudly uses skilled Canadian labour and North American kayak parts to manufacture its products. In an ever changing, fast-paced world Seaward remains loyal to the economy and chooses to keep friends employed. Seaward is a company that answers the phone when a customer calls! Try that with a big company....you can even ask for Steven Ree, the owner, and he'll gladly talk with you.

Whether you're a new paddler, long time enthusiast or experienced guide, Seaward has kayaks to suit your needs and paddling styles.

Seaward Cosma


The Cosma's fine entry, moderate rocker, 23" beam and shallow `Vee' multi-chined hull makes this a stable and seaworthy light touring and day boat.The multiple chines create a superb platform for edging and secondary stabilty. It is ideally suited to a paddler weighing less than 180lbs.

Length: 16'2" Beam: 23" Depth: 14" Weight 52 LBS

Seaward Luna


The Luna provides paddlers under 180 lbs with a comfortable fit. It has good initial and secondary stability and handles adverse sea conditions very well. This kayak is at home on day trips, yet has enough storage space for multi-day expeditions.The Luna's slightly rockered hull enhances maneuverability ensuring long term enjoyment of this versatile craft.

Length: 16'2"  Beam: 23"  Depth: 14"  Weight: 52 LBS

Seaward Tyee


The Tyee with a green-land upswept bow, increadible stability and a high cargo capacity are only some of the reasons it is one of the most sought after kayaks by tour operators. A generous beam coupled with a long waterline means the Tyee is an excellent choice for fishing, photography or casual tripping. The Tyee’s snug fitting cockpit and extra volume in the bow allow for a dry ride even when heavily loaded.In comparing medium volume kayaks, the Tyee is responsive while exploring for an afternoon and easy to handle for cruising.

Length: 17' Beam: 24" Depth: 14.5" Weight: 56 LBS

Seaward Chilco


The Chilco has a multi-chined, low-rocker hull for high speed and effortless tracking. Well-defined chines allow the kayak to have a relatively small wetted surface and solid stability for edging turns.The shallow "V" of the hull makes this lightweight expedition kayak stable while at rest or underway. The acceleration and forward speed is very fast.Easy rolling and low wind resistance in adverse conditions are a result of the Chilco's low profile. The ergonomic cockpit design allows easy entry and it's thigh braces accommodate a variety of paddler sizes.

Length: 18'5"  Beam: 22.5"  Depth: 14"  Weight: 55 LBS

Seaward Ascente


The Ascenté, with its sleek lines and sporty appeal, is the perfect kayak to lead the group.Recessed hatches and deck fittings create the deck's smooth look while the low deck height, 6" low backrest and curved thigh supports provide paddling comfort and optimal bracing support while edging turns.This responsive boat tracks well with or without gear and quickly accelerates to a top cruising speed. Ideal for someone looking to develop their skills, the Ascenté handles gracefuly like the Quest but with less volume, rocker and length.

Lenght: 18'5"  Beam: 22.5"  Depth: 14"  Weight: 55 LBS

Seaward Quantum


The Quantum is a Traditional Brit style kayak with Seaward's seasoned flair for innovation and design. The Quantum features a multi-chined hull, low back deck (ideal for rolling), Greenland style bow, and a skeg.

Lenght: 17.3'  Beam: 21.5"  Depth: 13"  Weight: 54 LBS

Seaward Quest X3

Qwest X3

X3 = eXtra 3rd hatch, conveniently located just behind the cockpit with a separate bulkhead, allows safe, dry storage for all the small items you need on a day's paddle or a week's excursion.Flares, marine radio, lunch or sweater all fit neatly together in one easily accessible compartment. Seaward's Quest X3 is a nimble performer in surf, wind or severe waves.With its low deck profile, recessed deck fittings, long waterline, and over 184 liters of storage space the Quest X3 will easily take you on those expeditions you have only dreamt of...until now!

Length: 19'  Beam: 22.5"  Depth: 14.5"  Weight: 59 LBS

Seaward Passat G3

Passat G3

The Passat G3 is based on the original Passat hull, acclaimed by adventure racers (Dual first place in the Yukon River Quest). A slight increase in overall depth, an increased spread of cockpit locations and custom curved bulkheads creates a true 3-hatch (3 Cockpits with optional seat) racing and expedition tandem.The Passat G3 has greater stability than most singles. It tracks well, with or without the rudder, edges easily and effortlessly tours at 5 knots. It is safe, strong and seaworthy even in challenging waters. It has become Seaward's best selling composite kayak.This kayak’s "Greenland" style bow, sleek graceful lines, solid feel and expedition capacity make a combination of speed, comfort and storage that is unrivalled in a touring double/triple.

Length: 22'  Beam: 26"  Depth: 15.5"  Weight: 90 LBS 

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